Actiontec (액션텍) GT701 펌웨어 다운로드 무료 (ver. 3.­0.­1.­0.­6.­0)

이 페이지에서 언제나 무료 다운로드 Actiontec (액션텍) GT701 펌웨어 하실 수 있습니다 모뎀.

Actiontec (액션텍) GT701 (ver. 3.­0.­1.­0.­6.­0) 배포일 2005.07.22.

1 회 다운로드 되었으며 12952 회 조회되었습니다.

브랜드 Actiontec (액션텍)
운영 체제 Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 98 SE
버젼 3.­0.­1.­0.­6.­0
파일 크기 2.52 Mb
배포일 2005.07.22
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Actiontec (액션텍) GT701 펌웨어를 검색한 후 다운로드 링크를 준비해 드립니다.

Firmware Upgrade - GT701 NCS 3.­0.­1.­0.­6.­0 NOTE: Actiontec Electronics will not provide a refund or replacement,­ for products that have failed due to the loading of incorrect firmware or the testing of custom firmware.­ (To identify your Actiontec product,­ look for the model number.­ It is located on the FCC sticker,­ found on the bottom or back of the product.­ Typically the model number is in the sticker's upper right hand corner.­) This Firmware Upgrade (3.­0.­1.­0.­6.­0) is for the GT701 ONLY.­ It is not to be used on any other model of router or gateway.­ This is a NCS (Non-Customer Specific) Firmware,­ and is not intended as an Upgrade for ANY ISP Specific Firmware,­ regardless of version number.­ Therefore,­ you should not load a NCS Firmware Upgrade on to a gateway that currently has an ISP Specific Firmware installed.­ The reverse is also true.­ You should not load an ISP Specific Firmware Upgrade on to a gateway that currently has a NCS version installed.­ These types of Upgrades frequently result in a nonfunctional device.­ Clicking the link above will initiate the download,­ and at the prompt 'Do you want to run or save this file?­' select 'Save'.­ At the following 'Save As' dialog,­ be sure to select a familiar location to save the file,­ like 'My Documents' or the 'Desktop',­ so that the file will be easy to find later.­

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