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&­ Utility EXECUTABLE SELF-EXTRACTING 배포일 2004.03.29.

0 회 다운로드 되었으며 13049 회 조회되었습니다.

브랜드 Actiontec (액션텍)
운영 체제 Windows ME, Windows 98 SE, Windows 98
파일 크기 861 Kb
배포일 2004.03.29
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Actiontec (액션텍) 802CI3 &­ Utility 드라이버를 검색한 후 다운로드 링크를 준비해 드립니다.

Win98 &­ ME - Driver &­ Utility - 802CI3 Both the Configuration Utility and the Driver for the Wireless PC Card are combined in this one download.­ There are drivers for Windows 98 and ME included in this download.­ (Our RAW Drivers do not use a 'Setup' program to install,­ instead they are installed via the Windows Hardware Wizard.­ Once the drivers are extracted,­ each Operating System has it's own folder with an INF file,­ that the Wizard uses to install the driver.­) Clicking the link above will initiate the download,­ and at the prompt 'Do you want to run or save this file?­' select 'Save'.­ At the following 'Save As' dialog,­ be sure to select a familiar location to save the file,­ like 'My Documents' or the 'Desktop',­ so that the file will be easy to find later.­

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